Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hes East; productive day

Spot the Green Sand (not deliberate, just got the pics mixed up)

Had a decent day today, although infuriating at times. Woke up to a text from Tim saying he had found 2 Wood Sands and a Green Sand on one of the smaller pools at Hes East. I was feeling pretty lazy, so didn't head down til about half 9, to the sight of a person stood out on the bank, clearly against the horizon and very close to the pool, and unsurprisingly no sign of the Wood Sand. I later found out that there had been 3 people twitching the Wood Sands, all stood far too close and clearly above the horizon (one person came back later and apologised for disturbing the birds, so fair play to him), which just seems to display a lack of common sense and field craft. I headed up to to the c/pk to scan the other pools, to one of the same guys having parked out at the end of one of the construction tracks. When Tim confronted him about driving out and flushing the birds earlier, apparently he was met with silence. Not really on, especially given the effort Tim went to to give clear directions for viewing and to help everyone see these birds. I'm committed to putting bird news out whenever possible, but days like today make you question when it's appropriate. Anyway, one of the birds returned later on, and I got some decent views of it with a Green Sand. I went back later on, and had a decent flock of 13 yellow wags, including an odd bird, that I'll post photos of above.

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